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shaye bin Khairul Anuar

16 June 2010

dear my papa....

i just want to wish u happy father's day... i know u loves me so much.. in my name have u' r name.. i proud to say to the world that my dad is u... i feel very lucky coz u is my dad.. i'm very lucky papa to have papa like u... every morning u will hug me and kiss me before u send me to maksom's house.. u will talk to me bla bla bla even i dont understand what u say but i know u just want me to be careful and be a good boy when u and mama go to work and find some money to buy toys for me.. hehehe.. when u came back from work u will call my name and i very happy to see u at the door and smiling to me... after that u will hug and kiss me again...when i got fever u'r so worried and sad... u try to play with me and make me cheer back.. wonderful right to have a perfect father like u...? how lucky am i... when u have to go outstation coz of work i'm sooo sad... i will miss u a lot. but after 2 or 3 days i see u'r face again and u play with me... i'm so happy to have papa like u... last night, i fall because of myself, i cry and start looking for mama... until u take me out jalan2 at our beranda... when i want to sleep u hug me but i want bf.. after that u ask mama, u so jealous and sad because i dont want to play with u anymore.. u ask mama, why i dont want with u tonight... i always with mama mama and mama... hehehe.. if i can talk, i will say, i'm sorry papa.. i want u and i love u so much.... thanks for everything papa,,, u do to much to make me happy, to make me health, to make me life... happy father's day..

note: happy father's day also to my lovely atok baba, tokayah, and to my paklong... i loves all of u.. muahhh...

with love,

Muhammad Rayyan Danish b Khairul Anuar....

1 comment:

  1. salam ziarah ya..

    hujung minggu ni fathers day yek. kena prepare hadiah ni..hee..


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