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sPeCiaL foR my LoVeLy MaMa...

10 May 2010

dear mama,,

i just want to wish you happy mother's day... i know how much u love me... i know u had your morning sickness every morning when i only 1-3 months in your wombs.. i know u and papa very happy and always pray for me.. i heard your voice.. you always talk to me even i cant understand what u say but i know u pray the best for me mama... i know how much you ill when want to deliver me..when i sick and got fever u always panicked and worried... when i cry u always kiss me and hug me.. i know u can do anything for me... that's why i know u love me.. and i want to tell u how much i love u mama... i'll be a good son... thanks for everything mama.. thanks for give me the best milk in the world... thanks for caring me so much..thanks for your love... i love u mama... happy mother's day mama... uuummmaahhh

note: happy mother's day also to my lovely oni and lovely tokmak... also to my lovely aunty mira... danish love all of u... ummmaahhh

with love, Muhammad Rayyan Danish

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