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new layout...

26 May 2010
hi geng... lately ni i'm very very busy to update my blog.. but i spend most of my time to change my layout and background.. i like this new background but i dislike my template.. how to do??? i want 3 template in my blog but my blog looks like serabut and serabai... i want my blablabla tu di tepi kiri dan kanan not side by side.. so my post will be center.. owh..sgt pening rupenye tukar layout ni..anybody can help me how to make my blog looks like gorgeous...???? i appreciate it.. so i give up right now and will try when my mood came back..okay.. that all for now... taking care ok  


  1. comellll..the blog look blueee

    salam singgah..

  2. yana, cuba masukkan blogger in draft dalam dashboard, kat situ banyak design tempalte yg cantik2


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