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Children Photo Contest!

30 July 2010

Salam semua...
aku join contest dari blog littlestore2u...
contest yg sgt best dan menarik tertarik ko memang debooomm...
jom ramai-ramai memeriahkan lagi contest nih...
click je kat S.I.N.I
contest ni senang je...
jom tgk rules die klu nk join...

For Bloggers

1. Must be Littlestore2u & Muslimahstore2u follower.

2. Link this blog in ur blog list / Like littlestore2u pages in facebook

3. Make an entry about this giveaway on your blog/facebook that link back to this blog
(for facebbok user pls Post about this contest 4 times anywhere in facebook (if you don't own a blog/facebook - email to at least five of your friends and cc to us ).
4. Leave a comment at this entry

5. Photos must be entered by a parent, family.

6. Photos must not be professional photos.

7. Judging main criteria is based on Photo Quality, Naturalness and Overall Impression.

8. Photos must be emailed in good quality and we reserve the right to crop or resize the photos to fit our site accordingly.

9.Please consider these items below when sending in your picture(s).
It could effect the scoring of your child: -Crisp, clear pictures with no red eye. -No enhanced/altered pictures. -Upper body shots are best. -Judges must be able to see your child's entire face. -A picture you believe that would WOW the judges
10. The deadline for the contest is end 31 July 2010.

Gambar Danish yang menjadi taruhan adalah

Nama : Muhammad Rayyan Danish b Khairul Anuar
d.o.b : 2 September 2009
umur : 10 bulan


1 comment:

  1. rayyan danish...
    gd luck oke! mama danish pon..hehehe


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